Nima | Gelephu

Gelephu police are investigating the case of a mandatory quarantine protocol breach by a businesswoman who travelled to Thimphu without following the required protocols earlier this month.

This is the second investigation for the case, as Thimphu police questioned the woman after placing the woman under facility quarantine in Thimphu.

The dzongkhag taskforce members refused to comment, saying police handles the case, Gelephu police officials did not share any information, saying the investigation is still in the initial phase.

It was learnt that officials who helped the woman avail the required documents to travel without staying in quarantine were called for questioning.

Gelephu residents alleged that there were other cases of people leaving from Gelephu to low-risk areas without following required protocols.

A resident, on the condition of anonymity, said nothing was done so far to the people who travelled without following the required protocols put in place during the pandemic.

“The rules were only for people like us. The rich and powerful could leave as they wish and nothing is being done,” he said.

Sarpang-Gelephu taxi association representative, Kado, said it is not fair to restrict them but allow other drivers to come to Gelephu. “They are here the whole day, moving into all corners. But, we are not even able to work here.”

He said monitoring in the Gelephu became strict after the incident of mandatory quarantine protocol breach. “They should allow us to ferry people till Darachhu. There are no customers here because of lockdown.”

Another taxi driver, Tenzin Namgay, said it was difficult to get customers with the seven days mandatory quarantine in place.

He also said it was unfair to monitor the taxi drivers when private vehicles are carrying people without any restrictions.