Improving academic performance of students remains a priority

MTR: Improving academic performance of students remains a priority for Gelephu thromde as indicated during the mid-term review.

The current performance, especially that of class X, was rated poor.

Class X students in the thromde scored an average of of 57.5 percent in English, 57.4 percent in Mathematics, 49.9 percent in Science and 61.1 percent in Dzongkha last year.

The thromde in its 11th Plan key performance indicator (KPI) had targeted to achieve 60 percent in Dzongkha and 70 percent and above in the rest of the subjects.

Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay said that at this rate most students would struggle to pass class X, let alone meet the cut-off point.

It was also pointed that average score of class VI students in Mathematics was 58 percent, 65 for English and 61.4 for Dzongkha against the target of 60 percent in Dzongkha and 70 each for rest of the subjects.

Although the indicator was on track, the results are considered poor.

For class III students, thromde has set the target at 60 percent in all subjects. But it was reported that students scored an average of 58 percent in Mathematics, 65 percent in English and 61.4 percent in Dzongkha.

Lyonchoen asked thromde education officials, teachers and parents to work towards improving performance.

“Performance needs to improve because the government is spending huge amount of money on enhancing quality of education,” he said.

As much as teachers, Lyonchoen said parents should take responsibility equally in improving the students’ academic performance.

However, Thromde achieved 100 percent in its target of primary enrollment rate. In three thromde schools including a private school, Gelephu achieved 1:22 teacher, pupil ratio against its target of 1:24. There are 3,337 students and 154 teachers in Gelephu thromde.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Gelephu