Internship: A total of 122 interns, 109 from the pre-employment engagement programme (PEEP), and 13 from the university graduate internship programme (UGIP) were employed under the guaranteed employment programme last year.

According to labour ministry officials, about 84 graduates register themselves for the UGIP in a month.  The ministry’s target is to support 600 youth under UGIP in a year.

Media officer Sonam Choden said the main objective of the internship programme is not only to provide skills and work experience to the graduates, but also to meet the short-term manpower requirement in an organisation.  Besides, the internship programme is expected to keep youth meaningfully engaged while seeking gainful employment.

“The program doesn’t guarantee employment but serves as an engagement and facilitation programme,” Sonam Choden said.

Labour officials said the ministry received good feedback from employers regarding the internship programme.  Most of the private agencies had expressed their appreciation, saying the interns did well during their internship period, especially when it came to service delivery.

On the other hand, officials said, most government agencies expressed that the programme helped them in overcoming shortage of staff, although it was just for a short period of time.

Those, who availed the internship programme, said it benefited them, in terms of gaining the required skills and work experience, before entering into a real working environment.

A recent graduate from Sherubtse College, Sonam Tashi, said what he learnt at college was not enough for him to find a job after finishing college.

Sonam Tashi interns in one of the private orgainsations.

“This is my last month with the company and I’ve learnt a lot during the past three months,” he said. “With this experience, I’ll have an advantage over the fresh graduates.”

Another graduate from Gaeddu College of Business Studies, Tashi Tshomo, said that, with the increasing number of jobseekers every year, completing an internship course puts one in a better position in landing a job.

“During the course, we’re paid every month, and one can’t ask for more,” she said.

Labour ministry officials said performances of interns are accessed upon completion of their internship period through their internship reports.  Besides, the department of employment and regional offices also monitor to ensure that employers make full use of the interns.

For the 11th Plan, the government has allocated Nu 7.4 million annually as payment for graduates under UGIP and Nu 8 million in PEEP.

By Younten Tshedup