Police in Zhemgang detained the gewog mangmi of Shingkhar gewog since June 10 for allegedly claiming life insurance of a woman, who is still alive.

Zhemgang dzongkhag administration forwarded the case to police after the Department of Immigration and Census asked the dzongkhag administration for the action taken report, as the case happened in October 2020.

It is alleged the mangmi had forged signatures and falsely claimed the rural insurance.

Gewog officials said works related to census registration and transfer, and collection of rural life insurance premiums were done by the mangmi.

Sources said that the mangmi had to bear a loss of Nu 60,000 when he had to pay insurance claims for two deaths in the gewog last year after the insurance claims could not be processed on time.

“The official could have tried to recover the loss,” a source said.

Shingkhar gup Ngedup said that it was challenging to collect the insurance on time in rural areas because most of the people live away from the gewog.

By Staff reporter 

Edited by Tashi Dema