Accident: A 12-year-old girl from Gomdar in Samdrupjongkhar died yesterday after consuming mushroom they had picked in the forest on April 16.

Her mother and grandmother had also consumed the mushroom. Medical officials were able to save the two.

The girl complained of a headache and started vomiting the next day but they did not go to basic health unit (BHU) assuming it was a common headache.

However, both the mother and grandmother then developed the same symptoms.

The family had consumed mushroom locally known as phoma, which according to the locals are edible.

But on April 18, the girl’s health deteriorated and the mother took her to the BHU. From there, she was referred  to Samdrupjongkhar hospital, about 70km from the gewog.

Medical officials could not save her but were able to save the mother and grandmother.

This was first case of mushroom poisoning reported this year.

Health officials are warning the public to not to eat unknown mushrooms especially during this time of the season.

Meanwhile, Nu 10,000 was handed over to the deceased’s mother by His Majesty The King’s Kidu Office, a private company donated Nu 10,000, and a few officials volunteered to help cremate the body.

Staff Reporter