Girl killed by falling pillar

Accident: A seven-year old girl succumbed to head injuries after one of the two pillars holding the Sipa-chi-dhoe hit her head yesterday at Thangzona, Punakha.

She was rushed to the hospital, but died around 2:30pm, moments after she reached the hospital. The girl along with her parents stayed back to collect druna (grain offerings). Sources said fierce wind unsettled the pillar and blew it after the kurim completed and most people left the area.

Hospital officials in Punakha also confirmed that nine men also suffered minor injuries on the head, hands and face in the rush to collect valuables and cash offerings made to the great Sipa-chi dhoe.

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  1. logical
    logical says:

    The elders that led the girl to the place of danger should be implicated for misleading the innocent child to the spot. The party that made the SHOW declaring to make sacred offering to all the realms of the universe and the authorities approving it should bear responsibility for the mishap. Cost of human life must be evaluated to be many times more than their fete around fancy crafts: the ancient way of entertaining the slaves by their masters.

    To curious people of reason, it is nothing less than making the proposed SACRED OFFERING. The people must not be CRAZY towards religion with fanaticism. They may be worshiping the hosts of demons in the process, without knowledge. Various forms of sacrifices are offered hoping to appease the angry and hopeless beings cast out of heaven. But there is no respite to the SINNERS of any realm before they first sit down and reason together to settle the questions of SIN.

    The more the pretence to righteousness, the more the load of sin accumulating on the soul. It must be settled in this life with appropriate decision, not desiring to be REBORN in next life to compensate for failures in this one but being BORN AGAIN in same body now in this life.

    Rest in peace, dear CHECHEY and rise up in judgement to condemn your killers for the game they played.

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