As global money week begins, the central Bank has set its footing to maximise financial literacy outreach targeting more than 10,000 students, extending to vocational institutes, monastic schools, the defense sector, the rural populace, disadvantaged sections of society and senior citizens.

Two websites, a Financial Inclusion and Literacy website and one on the Bhutan Economic Forum for Innovative Transformation (BEFIT) was launched yesterday. The BEFIT is an international financial inclusion summit scheduled in May.

The FinSave Gift card, a discount coupon was also introduced. While opening a bank account or availing credit, select financial institutions, micro-financial institutions and NGOs would be providing the clients with a FinSave card.

The FinSave card basically provides card holders with an opportunity to avail discounts in identified business stores thrice until the end of June this year. This is expected to enhance disposable income of people and thus promote a saving culture.

The Royal Monetary Authority’s governor, Dasho Penjore said that financial inclusion is an extensive exercise to extend financial services to everybody. He said that the financial institutions are coming up with initiatives to augment a saving culture among the people.

The RMA in coordination with all financial institutions, micro finance institutions, NGOs, government sector and other stakeholders will be hosting a series of events between March 27 and April 2 to celebrate Global Money Week 2017.

BoB, BNB and BDBL will also be launching the Nu 100 rural saving account in Lhuentse and Tangmachu on April 1, among others.

Savings and budgeting, monetisation, functions of financial institutions, access to finance for entrepreneur progression, digital financing, making an informed financial decision and financial literacy are some of the topics for discussion to be held this week.

Staff reporter