Some overzealous party supporters are going beyond the limits in working for the interest of the party for short-term gains.

Recently, audio clips on social media dragging the institution of monarchy into politics went viral.

This is in violation of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Article 2 Section 15 of the Constitution clearly specifies that the person in the Druk Gyalpo “shall be sacrosanct.” Further, Article 8 on Fundamental Duties Section 11 states: “ Every person shall have the duty and responsibility to respect and abide by the provisions of this Constitution.”

It’s therefore incumbent on every Bhutanese and every institution in the country to discharge their constitutional duties to curb such menace as and when it surfaces and to protect the sacredness of the institution of monarchy at all times.

Party leaders and members have the moral responsibility to deter their party workers, supporters and fanatics from resorting to such constitutional violations. These miscreants must be brought to justice. We call on relevant authorities in the government to act on these cases.

The Druk Gyalpo, as the symbol of unity, must receive unconditional loyalty and respect of the people. The institution of monarchy, the sokshing of nation and the upholder of chhoe-sid, is sacred and important for the nation’s survival.

Political parties and elected governments must operate in this context. Power hungry and shortsighted manoeuvres on the part of party workers or supporters could potentially derail our democratic process and compromise our sovereignty and independence. These miscreants, internal or external, do not understand the special time-tested bonding that exists between the Druk Gyalpo and the people.

The political parties of the present and those of the future should completely refrain from name dropping and maligning the institution of monarchy. The election commission, which is empowered to conduct a free and fair election, has the responsibility to ensure that the institution of monarchy remains above politics. It is a pity that inactions so far in clamping down on such exploits are encouraging reckless individuals to go beyond their call to support the political parties. The commission had assured that it would monitor social media contents during election period. It is time the people are told what the commission has really done.

Our political parties and their supporters who continue to churn out vicious statements must be reminded that the whole democratic process, the institution of political parties and elections was initiated on a royal command.

To drag in the institution of monarchy in dirty divisive politicking is undemocratic and profane. As a tense society strides through a transition, no political parties and their workers should have the audacity to malign the monarchy, the nation’s symbol of unity.