Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing

Tests after the board exams showed that 112 students and 10 teachers from Gomtu Higher Secondary School, who had come to do their examination in Dorokha, were infected with Omicron yesterday.

They came to Dorokha on February 20 and have been in containment mode throughout the examination until March 12.

Dorokha Drungpa Karma Jurmi said the students and teachers will remain in containment until they recover. 

“All these students and teachers didn’t mingle with other students.”

A few days after their arrival, one of the teachers from the lot tested positive on February 24. It was learned he was a primary contact of his family, who had tested positive in Gomtu.

Accordingly, he was sent back to Gomtu for quarantine. Until this positive case, Dorokha did not report a single Covid-19 case.

Meanwhile, on the same day (February 24), one of the students who was also the primary contact of her family in Gomtu tested positive and was placed in isolation.

The next day, the school reported three more students with severe symptoms and they were confirmed to be positive and were isolated immediately.

Karma Jurmi said that all three confirmed positive cases were made to do their exams in an isolation ward with separate invigilators assigned.

“The exams started on February 26 and we were not supposed to conduct tests as per SOP,” the drungpa said.

“However, to provide symptomatic treatment, we assigned a dedicated health worker in the containment centres only.”

Drungpa Karma Jurmi said: “We have given our best in ensuring that the virus does not leak out into the community from the containment centres.”

Meanwhile, samples of over 40 students from Dorokha Central School and some invigilators have also been taken after they showed flu-like symptoms. The results were expected yesterday.