Farm road: Work has begun to connect remote Gong in Gelephu with a 26 km farm road.

Agriculture minister Yeshey Dorji inaugurated the road’s ground breaking on January 31, which when complete will connect all six chiwogs in Jigmecholing gewog.

Plans to cut a farm road until Gong school was not new. Jigmecholing gup Sherab Jamtsho said the construction started in 2008 but lack of budget held its completion.

“We receive an annual budget ceiling of Nu1M and managed to construct few kilometers,” he said.

Dzongkhag agriculture officer Domang said the farm road would open markets for the village’s food produce.

“Farmers in Gong grow all varieties of vegetables, cereals and own large number of livestock,” he said.

Gup Sherab Jamtsho said given its remoteness, he had in the past proposed the dzongkhag tshogdu that its three chiwogs which were not connected with road to be clubbed into a separate gewog.

“The villagers had to walk for three days to reach the gewog office and for their convenience, the proposal was made,” he said. “However, with the construction started, it wouldn’t be a problem now.”

The Gong farm road would benefit 300 households of three chiwogs.

By Yeshey Dema, Gelephu