KP Sharma

The education ministry’s flagship programme to ictise schools across the country is nearing its initial target, according to the prime minister.

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said that laying fibre optics connection has been completed in more than 500 schools in the country—only less than ten schools do not have the facility.

Lyonchhen said that with a Nu 1.2 million programme, schools now have ICT labs with a computer ratio of 1:15.

“Our target is to bring down the ratio to 1:5,” Lyonchhen said.

Most of the schools, according to Lyonchhen, have access to only 2G or 3G. “We are trying to upgrade but it will not happen overnight.”

Lyonchhen said that the education ministry is currently in discussion with stakeholders to provide reading materials to students on external storage devices.

Lyonchhen said that the government has spent billions in laying fibre optics connection. “Some schools are already benefiting from this initiative.”

The initiative, Lyonchhen said, would boost digital teaching and learning in Bhutan, adding that the government is working on the third internet gateway for better ICT facilities in schools. “The redundancy issue will be addressed very soon.”

He added that a digital teaching system means students have access to ICT gadgets and teachers are able to facilitate learning on new platforms.

 “Teachers should no longer be the source of information,” Lyonchhen said.


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