Nima Wangdi 

Some are trying to expedite the travel procedures to avoid the problems while some simply worry over their plans to travel after rumours of the government tightening the issuance of documents to travel especially to Australia and Canada. 

The rumour is that the courts have made it a stringent process for marriage certificate issuance and it has become difficult to get a passport if the person is travelling to Australia. It was also said that the government has stopped issuing clearance documents for those applying for permanent residence in other countries.

However, Prime Minister’s Office clarified that these were untrue. “It is not just a rumour but a notion far from our stance.”

In the post, Lyonchhen said that the government was always of the view that the quest for higher learning, of pursuing one’s dream, or of securing a livelihood for the family are experiences and opportunities everyone must seek in life. “It also means amassing skills and capacities, as well as personal enhancement and garnering worldviews while we progress as a nation.”

Lyonchhen stated that the government must not and will not stop keen people from pursuing such ventures. In fact, we have been facilitating in whatever ways possible, like helping individuals to sit for language tests or offering assistance to firms that offer the services.  “We say this with strong conviction, knowing how we are a Bhutanese no matter where we go. If we do well, it means our nation will do well,” the post read.

He said that people are expected to return home on the completion of studies or at a certain point. “It is the responsibility of the government to create enabling and captivating opportunities for our youth and we must do it fast.”

According to the post, Bhutan has a small population and the fertility rate has dropped from 2.1 to 1.7 today.

“Amid the numerous reforms that are taking place in the country, the country is striving to strengthen our system and make it efficient so that everyone has opportunities and benefits that are on a par, if not better than anywhere in the world,” the post stated that the government is trying hard to do this.

The post stated, “His Majesty has reminded us that while the Bhutanese ways of doing things have served us well, and while we continue to hold on to the values, we must now seek to compete and be the best wherever we go in the world. Bhutanese should work in reputed international companies from Bhutan and we must have a system for Bhutanese to work for Bhutan from any part of the world.”

Lyonchhen stated that His Majesty The King has plans to take Bhutanese along that path and it is only through combined efforts that “we can propel the nation forward”.