Responding to a graduate’s question on how the fields of studies are selected for scholarships in India, Director general of Department of Employment and Human Resources (DEHR), Sherab Tenzin, said that it is done on the projection, which is based on what’s happening in the economy.

Phub Tshering, who studied construction management on scholarship from India, said there are no employment opportunities for those who have studied construction management or a category for the same in the civil service examination.

Sherab Tenzin said that the construction industry is one of the biggest industries in the country today and with numerous constructions ongoing, jobs are expected to be in this field. “Although construction by nature is contractual, construction is one thing, which will always be there.”

He said that the expectation is that contractors would need qualified managers in their companies.

Phub Tshering said there were also mismatch of jobs and courses, as the Diploma in Material and Procurement introduced in Jigme Namgyel Engineering College has no employment opportunities.

Royal Civil Service Commission’s (RCSC) commissioner Indraman Chhetri said RCSC doesn’t have control over colleges and universities. “It’s not the civil service alone and we respect programmes that are introduced in the colleges.”

An official from RCSC said that there’s a misconception among the public that RCSC’s main mandate is employment creation, which is not true. “RCSC shall promote and ensure independent and apolitical civil service that would discharge its public duties in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner.”

The official said that civil servants are there to help provide services to the citizens.

Civil service cannot afford to grow in number, as it would draw more funds from the government, which could otherwise be used for development activities in the country, the official said.

Another graduate Namgay Choden enquired about actions the labour ministry was taking to ensure that graduates working abroad were protected.

Sherab Tenzin said employment scheme is something that was thought through. “Youth should not think that we are not concerned. Opportunities in middle east countries were sought when there were lesser opportunities.”

He said there were agencies, which were only concerned with making money. “However, it is the youth’s responsibility as well to verify facts.”

Rinchen Zangmo