Great India education fair held

Exhibition: About 44 universities and two schools from India took part in the Great India education fair at Youth Development Fund hall that was attended by some 700 Bhutanese parents and students on March 28 and 29.

Organised by AFAIRS exhibition and media private ltd., a company based in Kolkata, in collaboration with EA-Z education consultancy, this is the seventh time the fair has been held in Thimphu.

EA-Z education consultancy’s director, Leela D Sharma, said the fair provided varieties of courses under one roof, where parents and students could explore their choice of courses or universities.

“Getting all these institutions in one platform provides the parents and students acquire information from various institutions, just in a couple of hours, thereby saving time,” said the director of AFAIRS exhibition and media private ltd, Vivek Shukla.

The organisers said that all the institutions were approved by the adult and higher education department of the education ministry, based on the documents the institutions have submitted.

Quality assurance and accreditation division’s chief programme officer, NB Raika, said although organisers say that the institutions participating in the fair were recognised, it was the responsibility of the parents and students to find out the quality of education the institutes provide. “Parents and students should find out more about the colleges before they actually register and invest,” he said.

A parent, Sonam Dorji, said the fair provided a platform for parents to meet representatives from the universities without having to involve education consultancies.

“I came looking for some information on the courses the colleges offer, and also check if they provide any scholarships,” said Lhendup Gyeltshen, who completed class XII last year from Ugyen Academy.

Besides quality of education, organisers said parents and students, who attended the fair, mostly looked at safety, a comfortable environment, followed by the fee structures of the universities and colleges.


By Dechen Tshomo

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  1. Merak Sakteng Youngba
    Merak Sakteng Youngba says:

    A rhetoric justification just making a command for educational march past. This is age of wisdom, every one has the right to choose till we make a blunder and become a costly affair. As an educator here, I have the right to critique for the good of the Bhutanese children. Still glamorizing with 18th century curriculum when the Bhutanese have the prevalence of WEB three learning. Do we see that in the age of science, learning in India is opiated with the doctrines of professors. Many Bhutanese are born intelligent and the professors make them stupid. Ask Chaten Bhagat, he will just tell you the flaws of the realities. Perhaps you might argue as fiction but there is a realty if you have read the MDG 2011, India’s report and Vision 2020 (Gupta,nd) and Shashi Tharoor. I do not claim that all India education institution to be at the same stand but many are and you need to see that even the colleges which are approved and stated under UGC are just mere symbols without sign of 21st century learning.
    Kuensel (2014) reported on educational hiccups: “What does the cow give?.”
    It is thought for many of us. To answer other than milk is a wrong answer. The old maxims: the young cock learns to crow from the old cock. We do not the cock to tell us the time. The web 3 generations is already set and there are ways of making attractive packages of learning. The Bhutan media literacy should be advocating on the EDUCATIONAL QUACKERY.

  2. Babloo Ramisetty
    Babloo Ramisetty says:

    I definitely agree that there were issues with the integrity of this liaison between the consultancy in Bhutan and the said college in Bangalore. I come from Bangalore, have lived in the west for most of my life and am currently based in Dubai. As a lover of Bhutan and Bhutanese people, I also have to disagree with the above post that all the educational institutions in India are after your money. My sister happens to be the Dean of Student Affairs at a very prestigious Management School in Bangalore and is actively involved in International Student Welfare programs across Bangalore and Mysore Universities. She is very closely associated with many students from Bhutan. Please do not discredit the entire educational system and a lot of “good” too, that has been going on for many years. I personally have very close friends in Bhutan who have studied across various universities in India and have moved on to greener pastures. All I can say is please be cautious in choosing the college/institution. background checks are the key here. Wishing all the very best!

  3. Merak Sakteng Youngba
    Merak Sakteng Youngba says:

    Dear parents,

    Be mindful in choosing the college in India. Sometime earlier you must have read the Banguluru effect. Many of the college in India are no different than this. Colleges are selling their soul to the Bhutanese parents thinking you are cash cows. In the beginning they will take all of you to a Sugar Candy mountain and Alice’s wonderland. After you have paid the fees, then they will treat you with vanity and they can be heartless. Mr Riaka;s statement from adult and higher education holds so much water. Give some thought for his statement is really a voice conscience and consciousness. The consultancies are sometimes brutal as some of them have barter their soul for money. Let the Bhutanese be educated in a Bhutanese way. You do not realize the effect only when you have experienced. In the land of Buddha, there are thugs as well.

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