Wash and peel asparagus, carrot and blanch both, keep aside.

Cut fig into two , toss in balsamic vinegar and bake it for 2 minutes

Apply brush of oil on cheese and grill it for 30 seconds, just to give grill marks and heat it up in a 170 C preheated oven for 2 minutes.

In a heated pan, add olive oil, toss asparagus, carrots and add salt and pepper as per taste.

Serve grilled cheese with tossed vegetable, baked figs and berry compote.

Ingredients  Quantity

Brie cheese 1 tin (125gm)

Asparagus 80gm

Carrot 100gm

Figs 50gm

Extra virgin olive oil 20ml

Salt to taste

Black pepper crushed a pinch

Balsamic Vinegar 20ml

Berry Compote 20gm


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