Tshering Namgyal | Gyalpozhing

Yunaridrang, a stream on the other side of Kurichhu dam, has become one of the most visited and must visit stream for Gyalpoizhing residents these days.

Three artificial pools are also created along the stream.

As the town grapples with water shortage and heat, residents visit the stream to take showers and wash clothes every day.

More than 60 desuups, who are engaged in the ongoing water project in the town, visit the stream everyday after work at 6pm.

Water issue occurred in the locality after a flood on July 28 washed away the sedimentation tank at the water source at Gordiri, the stream flowing below Drepong gewog.

A restaurateur in Gyalpoizhing town, Khina Maya Tamang, who had come with her family to take bath in the stream last Saturday, said she has been managing drinking water from a bore well in the Kurichhu hydro power project colony after taking turns and waiting for hours.

“But there is no water for cleaning purposes and we have to come here,” she said.

Although volunteers from the town and municipality staff went to the site and took four days to restore the water with a small sedimentation tank constructed to connect the pipeline, water is yet to reach the town.

Town committee member and owner of Hotel Trashigang, Tshering Wangdi, said a small tank has been constructed at the source but it was not able to cater water to the town as pebbles from the eroded stream frequently block the temporary tank.

He also said the water is muddy and not drinkable. “We hope the water quality might improve after the monsoon.”

Town residents are hoping the desuung water project might solve their water woes.

Edited by Tashi Dema