Health workers in Punakha are on alert after a Shedra and a few schools in the dzongkhag  reported increasing cases of viral fever and flu.

The Punakha dzongkhag health officer, Dechenmo said it was initially reported from Lakshey Jungney Shedra in Punakha, where around 150 monks were reported to have fallen ill and were displaying flu-like symptoms towards the end of March. Following a check by health officials, several monks were found to be suffering from H1N1 influenza.

The health team has provided the monks with necessary medication and awareness, she said.

Last week a team from the Punakha hospital carried out a thorough medical checkup in Dashiding Higher Secondary School. However, no students were found displaying symptoms of the H1N1 influenza. However, students with flu-like symptoms were later reported from Tashidingkha Central School.

Health workers said at least 137 students were reported suffering from fever and the flu, and they were not able to attend regular classes and two were seriously ill. While the H1N1 influenza was not found in other students, two were found suffering from the flu.

Since the school bus cannot accommodate all sick students, the health team from Punakha hospital went to the school and carried out an extensive check up. The students were given necessary medicines and briefed on the precaution measures.

Students were also given awareness on hand washing and to avoid close contact with students who were sick and advised to use masks. Health workers also advised students to drink boiled water and to have meals on time.

Dzongkhag health officer, Dechemo said since it is the season for such illnesses, it is not a serious issue, but they have alerted the public and health workers.

Staff reporter