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Haa may not have witnessed significant economic activities due to its remoteness, but the dzongkhag could soon become a sports hub.

The dzongkhag, with support from Bhutan Olympic Committee and Bhutan Football Federation, has invested significantly in developing sports infrastructure.

Haa already has an indoor archery ground, a first of its kind in the country, and a futsal ground.  The dzongkhag invested Nu 1M in developing the archery ground.

BOC recently handed over a football ground with artificial turf worth Nu 28.3M to the dzongkhag.  Besides, a multipurpose sports hall worth around Nu 31M was still under construction.

Unlike other dzongkhags, sports facilities in Haa are all clustered in one area.

According to Dzongdag Kinzang Dorji, all the sports facilities were ideally located.  Many facilities for indoor games are being planned.

He said that the indoor archery range and futsal ground earned Nu 15,770 and Nu 30,000 respectively monthly. “It has generated a huge income and can self-sustain.”

The dzongkhag was planning to set up a gym, volleyball court, and cafeteria at the site, Kinzang Dorji said. “We’re also planning to have a beach volleyball court.”

The dzongkhag, he said, had plans to organise regional and national-level tournaments in Haa.

The promotion of sports, he added, is expected to improve the local economy.

Were it not for the pandemic, Haa would have had all the sports facilities ready by December last year.

Income from the facilities, Kinzang Dorji said, would help maintain and promote other sports in the dzongkhag.

A football enthusiast, Pema Tshering, said that the new establishment was a harbinger of economic growth. “Locals can benefit from tournaments and other sports activities.

Kencho Dorji from Dumcho said it was a dream come true for players.

He was looking forward to participating in the national leagues.

Currently the sports facilities are not open to public due to the pandemic.

Officiating planning officer of Haa, Pema Thinley, said that it would open after framing a proper standard operating procedure.