Phub Dem

Haa is busy preparing for the Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition (RHFE).

Haa Dzongdag, Kinzang Dorji, said that people were working on infrastructure. “In two weeks, we will start the plantation.”

He said that two important sites for the exhibition would be near the dzongkhag administration office and Lhakhang Karpo.

Beautification officer, Yeshey Tshering, said that seeds were sown in greenhouses of horticulture centre in Haa, Paro and Thimphu because of the cold weather.  Local seeds were procured and seedlings were transplanted in nurseries.

Officials planned paperwork and site development between December and January.  Site development included road widening, blacktopping, drainage work and preparing soil for seedlings, among others.

The dzongkhag administration, Yeshey Tshering said, they had to plan with the municipal office so that the structures for the exhibition were in line with Local Area Planning. “We will not remove anything after the exhibition.”

Landscaping, designing and transplantation of seedlings will follow after the identification of the green zone.

“Flowers such as tulips and daffodils have already started budding,” Yeshey Tshering.

Katsho Gup Kencho said that the dzongkhag administration had given Nu 30,000 each for six gewogs to purchase quality seeds.

He said that Katsho gewog was processing the necessary requirements. The gewogs are yet to receive the seeds.

Except for the seeds, he said that other site development projects had been completed. “The team spearheaded by dzongdag had been working tirelessly for the grand event. We are excited.”

According to dzongdag, entire Haa, including schools, Basic Health Unit (BHUs), Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) sectors, lhakhangs and 2,900 households were preparing for the exhibition.

“Individual households will contribute in keeping the surroundings clean, planting trees and flowers in their areas and work in their kitchen garden,” he said.