Staff Reporter 

The popular Haa IMTRAT Mela has been cancelled this year given the Covid-19 pandemic concerns.

“In accordance with policies laid down by the government on Covid-19, IMTRAT has stringently adhered to all the norms, locked down its campuses and taken all precautionary measures even before the first case of the country came to light,” Kuensel learnt from IMTRAT.

The Indo-Bhutan Friendship hospital at Thimphu and the Military Hospital at Haa have continued to attend to the emergency patients even when the virus has been at its peak.  “Notwithstanding all the cautions and preventive measures in place, IMTRAT head office has also established quarantine facilities and a Covid Care Centre.”

IMTRAT and its personnel to have been deeply impacted by the existing situation, both in India and Bhutan and the stringent but requisite measures put in place by its headquarters. “A large number of IMTRAT personnel have chosen to continue serving IMTRAT and Bhutan during this pandemic, irrespective of the adverse effect on their families in severely Covid affected regions of India.”

The three-day fair as part of the IMTRAT Raising Day celebrations, since its raising on October 16, 1962, has become an annual festival for the residents of Haa marked with a variety of performances, both cultural and shows. The local residents also perform during the fair.