After a long wait, the people of Haa will get its first hospital next month.

It took about two years to complete the construction of the 20-bed hospital last month. Dzongkhag health officer, Samten, said that the hospital’s construction completed two months early. “Currently, we are installing the furniture and the medical supplies,” he said.  “Most of the works are completed and ready for inauguration.”

The hospital is located in Haa Throm.

It will offer services such as Physiotherapy, Ear Nose Throat (ENT), Nutrition, X-ray, casualty, patient cabin facility, and additional laboratory services.

Samten said the existing BHU I at Bali has limited space, human resource and limited health services. He said there are plans to upgrade the BHU to a department of traditional medical unit.

He said that it would offer services as per the Traditional Medicine Services Standard Hospital I. “Some of the services are already being offered. This will require the hospital to provide services such as urine analysis, geriatric care, traditional medicine community health, and in-patient services among others.”

Royal Civil Service Commission has approved about 35 additional staff for the hospital.

The dzongkhag administration had proposed the construction of a 16-unit staff quarter, medical store, mortuary, infectious waste disposal pit, laundry room with a drying space, X-ray solution disposal pit, pharmaceutical disposal pit, and Sangay Menlha in the 12th Plan.

The government funded the Nu135 million project.

Rinchen Zangmo