The Health ministry in its press release stated that the COVID-19 patient has been evacuated to the United States of America for further medical treatment.

“This has been decided upon the request from his family members in the US and in close coordination with the USA government through its mission in Delhi.

He was evacuated today by a special Phoenix Air Ambulance N163PA from Bhutan to the US. The aircraft is medically equipped and has necessary equipment including being staffed with registered nurse and paramedics.

One key feature is the order in which the patient was decided for evacuation. Right after he was confirmed positive on 5 March 2020, the best medical services were provided to him by our team of medical experts. He was managed in the isolation ward identified for COVID-19 patients and given the best care by a team of dedicated medical professionals.

The patient had multiple pre-existing medical conditions, which put him under high risk of complications. Considering his age, underlying conditions and the current infection, the patient required oxygen support from the day of admission. His oxygen requirement increased, and he required ventilator support from the third day of management.

The Royal Government of Bhutan has provided the best of the services. Our clinical team also sought advice from an Infectious Disease Specialist in Singapore with good experience in COVID-19 management. We were in constant touch with his family members and provided all necessary support to the patient and his family.

We offer our sincere prayers for his recovery.”

– Source: Ministry of Health, Royal Government of Bhutan