Health: Infection and related diseases could be controlled with a procedure as simple as hand washing. To make infection control more efficient the health ministry is training 27 health officials in Phuentsholing hospital.

Besides nurses, health officials from other disciplines are also being trained.

JICA funded to send two health ministry officials to Japan to learn about efficient infection control in hospitals. The same officials are providing the training.

One of the trainers, Pem Zam, said that this time they have considered training health staff from different backgrounds in hospitals. “Although in-country curriculum is there, it is still important as there are new nurses who come studying outside the country,” she said.

Pem Zam said such training would reduce infections in hospitals. As of today, surgical related side effects are mostly reported in the country.

A nursing staff from Lhamoizingkha Basic Health Unit- I, Kul Man Subba, said that he had attended such training before. “Although we practice infection control, there are some changes we have to know.”

In 2012, when Kul Man Subba attended one such training, he learned that it required 20 seconds to effectively wash hands in six steps. Today, it is 40 seconds to a minute in seven steps.

Another participant, Dorji from Punakha hospital, said there was not much difference. However, it was useful to new nurses and participants, she added.

Participants were told that washing hands will prevent most of the infections in most cost effective manner. Hands are the most contaminated part in a human body.

Healthcare waste management is also important aspect in infection control. For this, health ministry had piloted a waste storage house in Phuentsholing hospital.

The waste house will be used for reducing, reusing, and recycling medical wastes. All upcoming hospitals will get such houses. In the existing hospitals, waste storage houses are likely to be constructed in the 12th plan.

The three-day training will conclude on February 18. Practical sessions and demonstrations are also being conducted.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing