Exhibition: Her Majesty the Queen Mother Sangay Choden Wangchuck and Her Royal Highness Princess Euphelma Choden Wangchuck attended an exhibition titled ‘Convergence’ organised by Royal Bridges a non-profit organisation founded by HE Sheik Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa of Bahrain, according to a press release.

The exhibition brings together for the first time in the history of art, an exceptional mix of royal and princely artists from around the world celebrating various art forms in the city of Dubai.

Featuring a plethora of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, textiles, designs and musical performances, Convergence considers global interchange in modern and contemporary art by providing a firsthand view at the work of twenty-first century royal and princely artists’ across disciplines who have proven professional record and international recognition.

This exceptional exhibition amongst these artists whose own histories are deeply intertwined with rich stories are the product of their unique personalities and circumstances, serving as examples of the magic that befalls when individuals put their passions and ideals into practice. It demonstrates how their work is the product of multi-directional global dialogues between their cosmopolitan cultural heritages as well as their colloquy with major art movements of their time and countries of origin.

Convergence demonstrates the passion and vision, that continuously illuminate the possibilities that these artists have to offer not simply as patrons of the arts but as actors themselves: thereby enhancing the viewer’s understanding of modern-day royalty, in exhibition form – a topic that has been underrepresented in the artistic historical discourse.

The three-day exhibition concluded with an auction of the artworks contributed by the Sovereign participants conducted by the Christie’s Auction House to support the United Nations World Food Programme.

Staff reporter