Roads: Widening works on the Chazam – Buyang highway is well on track.

While the formation cutting for the first package of 5.73 km road stretching from Jamkhardrang to Doksum is complete, the second package of 5km road from Chazam to Jamkhardrang is in progress.

Assistant Engineer with Doksum field sub-division office, Dendup Dorji, said that about 1.9km road of the second package has been broadened after the works started on September 24. The government has committed a budget of Nu 30M.

“Apart from the formation cutting, we are also carrying out permanent works that didn’t exist earlier and applying granular sub bases as well,” he said. “The deadline is slated for July 2016 but we are expecting works to complete by March.”

Besides the vertical and rocky terrain still remaining a challenge, another problem has been the unavailability of any provision for bypass roads to divert traffic at the site.

“We had identified a bypass through Ramjar but villagers didn’t agree and the distance was also lengthy. It didn’t work out,” Dendup Dorji said. “In absence of a bypass, we are following strict and frequent road block timings which otherwise would impede timely progress.”

Meanwhile, black topping for two km road of the Jamkhardrang to Doksum stretch (first package) has been tendered and evaluations are under way. The work is expected to complete by July 2016.

“The overall widening works are progressing within the earmarked budget and time. Should budget be available on time, we can begin works on the final package from Doksum to Buyang by April,” Dendup Dorji said.

On completion, the road’s width will be broadened to 10.5m from its initial width of 5.5m. The highway is primarily constructed to aid the 600MW KHP.

The highway-widening project with a budget of Nu 727M commenced on November 23, 2013. It is expected to complete within the current plan.

Tshering Wangdi,  Trashiyangtse