His Majesty The King yesterday recognized four individuals, including a foreigner with the Druk Thuksey medal during the 108th National Day celebrations in Paro



Former Yangpi lopen 


“I am about to die and never expected this award, but this award made me feel young and rejuvenated again,” former Yangpi lopen Bosokarp said after receiving the Druk Thuksey medal from His Majesty the King.

The 88-yeal old former lopon who has retired to a life of prayers in Phajoding had excelled as a student under Je Thrizur, and has been an exemplary member of the clergy, “a jewel among lamas”.

“This is the most memorable day in my life,” said the former lopon. “Let alone the Thuksey, just a few words would have been enough to make my life,” he said.




Lopen Nyapchi

Lopen Nyapchi joined the Trongsa rabdey at the age of seven. He began serving His Majesty the second Druk Gyalpo at the age of 13 and continued his service with His Majesty the Third Druk Gyalpo during His Majesty’s Coronation in Paro. He also served Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother assisting Her Majesty in her numerous works in the construction of many lhakhangs across the country.

In recognition of his dedicated and loyal services to four generations of Kings, from the time of the Second King to this day, he was awarded the Druk Thuksey medal.

“Today is definitely my good day as predicted by the astrologers. I could meet both the Kings in person, so my happiness knows no bounds,” the 85-year old said.



Drungtsho Sherab Jorden

Drungtsho Sherab Jorden joined the Kharchu Dratshang at eight, and began studies at the Chakpori Medical Institute at the age of 17. On the command of His Majesty The Third Druk Gyalpo, he set up the first traditional hospital in Bhutan in 1967.

He received commands from His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo to ensure that traditional medicine does not disappear from Bhutan. As a result of his efforts, the Kawangjangsa traditional hospital produced 70 drungtshos and over a 100 menpas in Bhutan.

Recognizing his contributions, His Majesty said the medal was in recognition of his services rendered to three generations of Kings, and the people of Bhutan.

The 80-year old drungtshog, who is the private doctor of his eminence Namkhai Nyingpo, said he was humbled by the award. “I’ve not done anything worth this honour but His Majesty has magnanimously granted me this award” he said.



Dr Arthit Ourairat

Awarding the medal to the president of Rangsit University Dr Arthit Ourairat, His Majesty The King said Dr Ourairat is an exemplary citizen of Thailand and a longstanding friend of Bhutan.

“Over the years, he has made a significant difference in the lives of many Bhutanese, particularly in the fields of education and health,” His Majesty said.

Till date, 84 students have completed their education from Rangsit University and 48 more are pursuing their education through scholarships offered in the University due to his goodwill. He has offered scholarships worth Nu 300 million to 150 Bhutanese students for master and bachelor degrees in Rangsit University.

Speaking to Kuensel, Dr Ourairat, 77, said the award was the most unexpected, but an honour in his life.

“What I have tried to contribute to Bhutan is from my heart. Bhutan is the country that  I would like Thailand to be and that is why I try to contribute,” he said.

“There are two more years of the 10-year agreement and we’d be pleased to do anything His Majesty The King and the government would want us to do.”

Tshering Palden


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