The 1,440 scouts participating in the King’s Camp at the national scouts centre in Paro began their six-day camp with an audience from His Majesty The King yesterday.

His Majesty spent the afternoon with the scouts. Addressing the scouts, His Majesty said they must embody compassion in their service to people, and strength in defending the country.

His Majesty also encouraged the students to read, and said that reading would strengthen their minds and enable them to navigate all challenges in life.

His Majesty visited the camps and grounds where the scouts will live, learn new things, and train during the next six days.

Besides the campsites, the Centre includes playgrounds, trails, and an adventure valley with tunnels and ropes for fun activities.

The scouts, participating from all schools in the country, will also train in various sports including cycling, and archery during their time at the camp.

On the Royal Command of His Majesty The King, scouting has been greatly revived in recent times. Besides the King’s Camp, which is held once every four years, two leadership camps are held annually at Tencholing, and several other smaller camps and retreats are organised across the country.

Six scouts who participated in the winter youth leadership camp this year received His Majesty’s Scholarships for professional studies abroad. The students competed within their schools, and at the dzongkhag level to participate in the youth leadership camp, from where they were selected for the scholarship based on their leadership and academic performance in class 12.

These scholarships to excelling scouts will be granted annually.