40th DeSuung training programme to start soon

His Majesty The King granted an audience to 399 volunteers of the 38th batch (accelerated) DeSuung programme at Paro Drukgyal Central School yesterday.

The accelerated programme was held upon Royal Command to impart health and security training to DeSuups so that they can supplement the work of existing personnel working across the country in various capacities to combat Covid-19.

His Royal Highness Prince Ugyen Jigme Wangchuck is among the DeSuups undergoing training in Paro.

The three-week training being held in seven locations simultaneously across the country for 2,468 volunteers concludes on April 25.

Registration for the 39th batch, with 2,520 volunteers, began yesterday.

Meanwhile, due to the overwhelming numbers of volunteers registering for the 39th batch, the DeSuung office has announced that the 40th DeSuung training programme will also be an accelerated programme which will be held immediately upon the completion of the 39th batch.