His Majesty The King granted an audience to the de-suups of the 49th batch De-Suung Accelerated Training Programme at Tencholing today.

His Majesty arrived in Tencholing from Gelephu, granting an audience to the Tsirang Covid-19 Task Force along the way.

While in Gelephu, His Majesty granted audiences to the de-suups of the 49th Batch training at Jigmeling and Pelrithang.

His Majesty also granted an Audience to the Sarpang dzongkhag Covid-19 Task force and sector heads.

His Majesty visited the Gyalsung Academy construction site in Tareythang, where De-Suung National Service for Construction of Multi-utility Infrastructure was launched recently. De-suups participating in the DNS programme are working alongside others in partnership with Gyalsung Infra at the five Gyalsung Academy campuses across the country.

His Majesty met with De-suups and veterinarians who are part of the National Accelerated Dog Population Management Programmed and Rabies Control (ADPM), and de-suups working to build facilities in preparation of the Landmark Water Partnership Project in Gelephu, which is designed to serve 84,000 people. His Majesty also visited Serzhong where De-Suung Skilling Project (DSP) in Culinary Arts is behind held.

During the ongoing Royal Tour of the southern dzongkhags, His Majesty also visited Samtse and Phuentsholing.

While in Samtse, His Majesty granted Audience to the Dzongkhag Task Force and regional and institutional sector heads. 

His Majesty also met with de-suups participating in the De-Suung National Service: One Million Fruit Trees Plantation Project in Nimacholing.

His Majesty also granted Audiences to the 49th batch De-Suung trainees at Tendruk and Tashichholing, and the participants of the Million Fruit Trees Plantation, an ongoing De-Suung National Service Programme.

His Majesty also visited the Gyalsung Academy site in Jamtsholing, as well as the construction site of a 500-bedded quarantine facility, and the DSP for Driving training centre in Damdum.

His Majesty The King began a Royal Tour of the southern dzongkhags on 5th May.

The tour began in Phuentsholing, where His Majesty granted an Audience to the Southern Covid-19 Task Force, which was reconstituted to oversee the second phase of our national response to the pandemic, and representatives from other agencies working in Phuentsholing in preparation for the future beyond the pandemic.

While in Phuentsholing, His Majesty visited the Phuentsholing town, including the international gate where a refurbished pedestrian terminal is under construction, and border outposts to meet de-suups and others on duty.