His Majesty The King granted dhar to appoint the Secretaries of International Boundaries and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to promote two Lieutenant Colonels from the RBG and RBA to the rank of Colonel.

Secretary Letho T Tangbi

Letho T Tangbi is the new secretary of International Boundaries, and Sonam Tshong is the new secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Lt. Col Pema Tshewang from the RBA and Lt. Col Khitu Dukpa from the RBG have been promoted to the rank of Colonel.

Secretary Sonam Tshong

The Secretaries to the Government are appointed by His Majesty The King, as described in the Constitution (Article 2.19):  “on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, who shall obtain nominations from the Royal Civil Service Commission on the basis of merit and seniority and in accordance with other relevant rules and regulations.”


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