His Majesty The King granted building materials, seeds and seedlings to the people of Metabkha gewog in Chukha as a Soelra to support the community initiative to achieve food sufficiency and increase production.

Representatives from the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon handed over His Majesty’s Soelra to the people of Metabkha yesterday.  

The people of Metabkha gewog, which has 15 villages with 119 households, came together with an initiative to increase the gewog’s agricultural production.

A press release from the Royal Office of the Media (ROM) stated that farmers agreed to work together towards increasing the annual production of vegetables, rice, maize, wheat, buckwheat, mustard, and other crops by implementing changes at the individual household level.

“The farmers want to achieve food sufficiency in the crops that they are already growing, and also increase their production capacity for commercial agriculture,” it stated.

The project, according to the press release, is expected to reduce dependence on imported food, increase household incomes, and improve the overall health and wellbeing of the community.

“Farmers will be given support to develop kitchen gardens, as well as to grow certain cash crops. They will also receive training in plant protection and preparation of bio-pesticides, to promote organic farming,” it stated.

The people of Metabkha regard the initiative as something that would contribute to the overall socio-economic development and growth of the country.

Staff reporter