… fund to be used to build a lhakhang

His Majesty The King granted Nu 10 million to ex-armed forces personnel of Thimphu dzongkhag, with the Command that the fund be used to build a lhakhang in Thimphu Dzongkhag, for the benefit of all armed forces personnel who have served successive Kings, as well as for the community.

The selection of the site for the lhakhang, design, and construction is to be overseen by the ex-armed forces personnel. The veteran soldiers received an Audience at Simtokha Dzong yesterday, during which they received the Royal Command. During the Audience, His Majesty spoke to the veteran soldiers about their continued role in preserving the peace and security of the country, and said that the armed force personnel would continue to be cared for and recognised for their services to the nation.

His Majesty The King has Commanded retired soldiers across the country to build similar choetens in all 20 dzongkhags, and has granted funds for the construction. The projects have been Commanded so that the ex-armed forces personnel across the country have the opportunity to generate merit not only for all the soldiers who have served the country, but also for the wellbeing of the people of Bhutan.

His Majesty The King also Commanded that a hindu mandir be constructed in Gelephu, similar to the one that has been built in Samtse. The salang tendrel ceremony for the new mandir, attended by Lyonpo Dinanath Dhungyel, was held yesterday, on the auspicious occasion of the 10th anniversary of His Majesty The King’s Reign.