His Majesty The King arrived in Lhedi in Lunana yesterday after trekking over the Gangla Karchung, at an altitude of 5,250m, from Laya.

The first settlement in Lunana is at Wachey, where a family welcomed His Majesty The King to spend the night in their home. His Majesty The King met with the people who live in Wachey before trekking onwards  to Lhedi.

His Majesty The King spent the day with the people of Lhedi and granted Tokha to the people from nearby areas, yesterday. The people celebrated the visit with songs, dance, and games. Bhutanese films were screened for the people in the evening.

His Majesty’s Kidu Mobile Medical Unit set up a medical camp for the people, who have to otherwise travel long distances to avail advanced health care.

In the next few days, His Majesty The King will continue trekking through Lunana, and visit villages in Tshojong and Thanza- some of the most faraway inhabited places in Bhutan- to meet with the people.