Staff reporter

There is a healthier way to celebrate the 40th birth anniversary of His Majesty The King on February 21.

The Yellow Running Club is hosting a run -‘HMK40’ challenge tomorrow.  The 40-km run is open to all and those not in the country could take part in the run as the run will be hosted on the run-tracking free App Strava.

Runners should download the Strava App and join the Yellow Running Club. While running, runners have to open the App and after completing 40km, title it- “HMK40”.

Member of Yellow Running Club and the founder of Druk Running Club, Chimi Dema, said that the time frame for the challenge is 24 hours beginning at 00:00 hours on February 21.

Runners could run in groups, with friends or alone.

Chimi Dema said that more than 40 members of the Druk Running Club will begin their 40km run challenge at 7am from Changlimithang towards Paro.

Druk Running Club is the first non-profitable running club in the country. The club was formed in 2018. “We conduct running activities to promote a running culture by encouraging everyone with the motto- running for happiness,” said Chimi Dema.

“I am excited to take part in it as it will definitely be a fun run.”