Nima Wangdi

While many speculate about the potential candidate for the vacant post of home and cultural affairs minister, the government has not discussed it yet.

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering during the meet the press session yesterday said that it had skipped their mind since they are busy with Covid–19 related activities. “We would definitely let the people know about it once the situation calms down and the second round mass vaccination is rolled out,” he said.

Foreign Minister Dr Tandin Dorji is the officiating Home Minister after the former Home Minister Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen resigned in May. 

Lyonchhen said having an officiating minister is equally good as having an appointed dedicated minister for the ministry. “Lyonpo Tandin is looking after all the daily decisions in the ministry for now and if there is any major decision that needs to be taken should come to the Cabinet anyhow,” Lyonchhen said.

Lyonchhen said that the people are right to be concerned about not having a home minister during the pandemic where security is imperative. “But we have seasoned and dedicated bureaucrats handling respective agencies and they are capable of carrying out their responsibilities,” Lyonchhen added by saying that there is nothing to worry about.

When asked if one of the two members of parliaments who were elected during the recent by-elections was the candidate for the Home Minister, Lyonchen clarified by saying that the candidates are still on their way to the parliament and it was wrong to expect the government to appoint a Member of Parliament (MP) before they are formally inducted to the parliament.

The two provisionally elected MPs are awaiting for the certification by the Election Commission of Bhutan,” he said two of them should also get equal opportunity when the selection committee for the Home Minister sits down.

The Prime Minister said there are no clear written norms for minister appointment. The Constitution only states that His Majesty The King can appoint a minister upon recommendation by the Prime Minister.

Home Minister Dasho Sherub Gyeltshen formally resigned after both the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the National Assembly accepted his resignation on May 6. He had tendered resignation in April.

Edited by Tshering Palden