Staff Reporter 

Faced with lack of sustainable source of fund for operation, the Hindu Dharma Samudaya of Bhutan (HDSB) has obtained the home ministry’s authorisation to raise fund through contributions from the public.

The HDSB has already raised more than Nu 8.093 million (M) as contributions from various dzongkhags. Collection of contributions from the public slowed down recently due to some issues.

However, chairman of the HDSB, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, said that the HDSB Board has been re-constituted and that the fund-raising initiative had regained pace. The board was re-constituted by an extraordinary general meeting held recently in Thimphu.

The HDSB says that the organisation is faced with challenges of maintaining its office and religious monuments due to lack of sustainable source of fund.

He said that the home ministry was kind enough to understand the problem and authorise the HDSB to raise fund.

A membership fee of Nu 500 per year has to be paid for obtaining the membership. According to HDSB, however, collections from the annual membership renewal fees are not enough to meet expenses.

“The support from the public has been encouraging as many people are coming forward to support the fund-raising initiative. We assure our valued contributors that the money will not be misused,” HDSB members assigned to raise fund, said.

According to the HDSB, amounts that have been collected so far have been deposited in banks.

The HDSB plans to buy a property with the hope of earning regular rental income to support operation of its office and other activities. The organisation also plans to support social works in the future.

The HDSB is dedicated to promote spiritual traditions and practices of Sanathan Dharma in Bhutan so to foster and strengthen human values. 

The HDSB is soliciting and accepting contributions not only from HDSB members but also from all people who are willing to be part of our efforts.

Established in 2009, the HDSB is a religious organization registered with the Chhoedey Lhentshog, the Commission for Religious Organizations of Bhutan.

The aims and objectives of this organization are to promote peaceful co-existence and reverence of all sentient beings in all segments of the Bhutanese society including the Buddhist spiritual heritage of the country.