The triumph of the social media will show now that the no-campaign period is finally called. We are here already!

But this is no celebration time.

Candidates representing the different political parties will, of course, rest but supporters may not. We have already seen to what extent the supporters can go to to win endorsements from the constituencies.

There is the loophole we must seal.

All in all, the election so far been good. If there is any sense of how better we can do with election, it is because have big dreams and high hopes.

Election commission has done all it could to make elections free and fair. Many reports have come to the office; the office has dealt with them, and there are many that the commission will have to should address. Many issues will be reported to the office until the first hour of the poll day.

The mainstream media is accused this day of being unreasonably quiet. It is an uncomfortable message from our readers. It is the irresponsible users of social medial platforms who have made it appear so.

And we know that the commission will execute its duty like it always have. For a nation that wants to set an example to the rest of the democracies in the world, how we are working towards it should be appreciated by every Bhutanese citizen.

Now that the time has dawned on us all to cast our ballots, it is our individual choice that will matter because it is the pick among the people who will do best for the nation.

The problem is: We have not been able to deal with issues emanating from social media. How do we deal with the emerging issues?