My question is regarding face muscle. Would going to gym help my face muscle look manly? What I want is to lose my chubby cheeks, which makes me look like a kid. How can I lose fat in my cheeks?

Hi Jamtsho,

We do have muscle on our face, which are very slim and striated attached to nerves, that helps our face relax or tense, helping us express various emotions. About 99.9 percent of the time in adults, chubby cheeks are directly related with the fat percentage of their bodies. The higher the fat, the chubbier our cheeks!

Our body’s preferred storage sight for energy is as fat in our skin. Every inch of it is used to store unused energy.

It’s a defence mechanism as a result of our evolution. Fat is stored for various purposes. It is stored for energy that can be utilized for survival when food is scarce, and also, energy once stored as fat helps keep us warm when temperature falls. Our fat is also used as a protection shield from all harm to our body, very helpful in cushioning our body to brace a fall.

Yes, weight training can help reduce your cheeks indirectly, as weight training provides only the stimulus required for our bodies to begin repair and build muscle. The more trained the muscle the higher our metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is the reason that leads to burning of fat as fuel, leading to reduction in fat.

Our body is unable to isolate and burn fat from only one section of our body. So as your cheeks subside, so will the rest of your bodies fat. So the end result will be an overall leaner look.

Any physical exercise, sport or a nutrition programme, which burns fat, will help reduce the size of your cheeks.

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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