HEALTH AND FITNESS: I first encountered “outdoor fitness equipment” when I moved to Finland in 2007. The first thing that came to mind was, how wonderful it would to be able to install this in Bhutan. It would blend in with our nature and also give our folks an opportunity to stay strong and fit. A line of equipment that can stand our weather, and a line of equipment that require little to no maintenance, almost impossible to be damage or stolen. Below are some insight into these equipment that has finally made it to Bhutan.
Other equipment will be featured in the next column, stay tuned!






Chest press
To strengthen and build the chest, shoulder and tricep muscle.
How to use:
Sit on the bench with an upright back, grab onto the handle and push forward till full extensions of your arms, and then resist it slowly back till you feel a decent stretch and repeat.




Sit up board
To strengthen the abdominal and hip flexor (a tiny muscle in front and on top of our thigh muscle).
How to use:
Tuck your feet under the ankle support, lie down flat on your back, and than sit up and gradually resist the fall on your way back.

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition

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