Lhakpa Quendren | Sarpang

As Bhutan continues to face human resource shortages, local governments are not able to provide essential services to the people.

Of the 12 gewogs in the Sarpang dzongkhag, four gewogs do not have agriculture extension supervisors; two gewogs do not have livestock extension supervisors.

Dzongkhag officials say that the posts of agriculture extension supervisor for Chhudzom gewog and livestock extension supervisor for Dekiling gewog could soon become vacant.

Currently, the gewog agriculture extension supervisors of Umling, Shompangkha, Dekiling, and Gelephu work for Tareythang, Senggey, Gakiling, and Samtenling gewogs respectively.

Given the importance of their services in rural communities, the recent Sarpang Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) decided to write to the government for additional human resources for the gewogs.

Tareythang Gup Dhan Man Gurung said that for about two years the gewog has not had dedicated agriculture and livestock extension supervisors which have hampered the quality and timely service delivery.

He said that most of the plans in the gewogs are related to farming, agriculture, and livestock which play a very crucial role in farming communities.

Sarpang’s officiating livestock officer, Tshendu, said it is difficult to get a replacement for the gewog where officials are on extraordinary leave. “   

As an immediate measure, we have divided responsibility among the supervisors.”

Sarpang’s dzongkhag administration does not have agriculture and livestock officers.

The DT decided to ask the government for a land surveyor for the Umling Drungkhag and other gewogs due to the emergence of increasing land-related issues in the dzongkhag.

Umling Mangmi Thinley Wangchuk said that the two land record officials are not enough to cover four gewogs—Umling, Taraythang, Chuzangang, and Sershong. “One official has to stay in the office, the other has to go to the field.”

The provision of quality and timely public service, he said, is so falling short.

“Some land-related issues are delayed by three to four months. This is the major problem the people are facing today in the gewogs,” Thinley Wangchuk said.

Senggey Gup Jigme said that for the gewog development, a surveyor each in every gewogs is a basic necessity. “The charge for hiring a private surveyor is Nu 7,500 a day, which is very costly.”