A 25-year-old woman who escaped a murder attempt is recuperating in Trashigang hospital.

She was allegedly stabbed by another woman on the evening of November 1 near the Sherichu bridge in Chasakhar Gewog, Mongar.

The alleged assaulter, a mother of four children, is in the police custody in Mongar.

The victim, Kinzang Choden, who has a child, works for a private construction company at the widening project on the East-West highway.

The victim was at the work site in Sherichu at around 4PM on the day when the assaulter appeared with her face and mouth covered in mask. She asked the victim if she could catch a bus.

Kinzang Choden said that after work she went home with the other workers. Assualter followed her. Kinzang Choden prepared dinner for the two.

Before dinner, the woman asked Kinzang Choden to accompany her to toilet. The two went near the Sherichu bridge.

While Kinzang Choden was looking for a number on her phone, the woman stabbed her neck from behind.

“When I regained consciousness, the woman was on top of me and was trying to stab my face,” Kinzang Choden said. She shoved the assaulter and  shouted for help. “When a group of people came with light, she ran away.”

Kinzang Choden said that the assualter told her she was the girlfriend of her divorced husband, Wangchuk and had paid alimony on behalf of him.

Kinzang Choden separated from Wangchuk almost three years ago.

Wangchuk is from Trashigang Khabtey.

Mongar police arrested the assaulter at Chazam on November 2. The 35-year-old suspect is from Khamdang, Trashiyangtse.

Police is investigating the case.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar