Samdrupjongkhar Thrompon Karma Sherab Thobgyal announces his decision to re-contest to ensure that the works he started for the municipality are accomplished 

Q&A: 1. Would you re-contest in the upcoming thromde elections?  Why?

Yes, I’m planning to re-contest. The people from my constituency have asked me to re-contest and also because of the encouragement and support of not only the voters but also other residents of the Thromde who feel that I should go for one more term.

Also, because I still have some unfinished business by which I mean that the budget I secured for the thromde will be fully utilized by the end of the 11th Plan. I have to ensure that the mission and objectives of the Thromde master plan are completed by then.

2. What are some of the significant achievements in the thromde after you assumed office?

There are so many. But to name a few major ones would be the ADB funded water supply project for Samdrupjongkhar town, which when complete in 2017 would solve the water related problems for good.

Another significant achievement would be the construction of a multi-sports complex and artificial turf football field, which is under construction. Samdrupjongkhar town was a dark and dusty town before I took over and now we have fully blacktopped roads with bright streetlights and footpaths. Dewathang town was also in similar state but now its roads have been black topped and streetlights provided. Another achievement that deserves attention would be the reconstruction of Dewathang Primary School, which is a Government of India Project. As a former student I’m proud to say that when the project is completed by 2018, my old school will have one of the best infrastructure in the country.

Before I took over as the Thrompon, the towns of Dewathang and Samdrupjongkhar were in a neglected state. For example, the people of Dewathang didn’t even have water connection for some 30 odd years, they had to go and fetch water from the brooks and springs. After I assumed office, my first priority was to put in place a good water supply to the residents. Various projects related to water supply for both the towns were undertaken. Dewathang town and adjoining areas have now 24×7 water supply.

3.During the thrompon election, you pledged that your office would try to solve housing crunch, water shortages and sewerage problem. Your five-year term is almost over and these issues still exit. What happened?

As the mandate for building affordable housing for civil servants is with NHDCL, Thromde’s responsibility is to facilitate the construction, which was carried out by giving land to NHDCL. A total of 24 units were completed last year and 32 units will be constructed this year. Further, it’s the responsibility of private plot owners to construct houses, which will directly address the housing shortage.

The thromde has already completed the sewerage system for LAP 1 and operational since 2013. Sewerage system for LAP 3 and 4 will be carried out within this financial year.

4. What is the most challenging part of being a thrompon?

The most challenging part I should say would be to fulfill all the desires and aspirations of the people who have voted for me and supported me. It’s a tough task to keep them fully happy and satisfied.

5. What is Samdrupjongkhar thromde’s biggest problem that needs attention today?

The biggest problem that needs immediate attention today is the risk posed by Dungsum Chhu during monsoon. Unless we train the river properly, it can cause serious damage to life and property.