The drungpa is accused of allegedly battering his driver

Following a post on social media where the Tashichholing (Sipsu) drungpa, Tshewang Tobgay, was alleged of battering his driver on September 18, the driver alleged that the drungpa has asked him to find out who wrote the anonymous post on Facebook.

The driver, Ashok Biswakarma, said that while the post about the drungpa battering him is true since the drungpa had pulled his ears and slapped him, he doesn’t know who wrote it online since he had shared the incident with his colleagues and friends.

According to the driver, he was on his way to office from a bank when the drungpa called him to ask about his whereabouts that day. It was between 3pm and 4pm.

“I answered his call and told him I was coming to office,” he said, adding that he also explained to the drungpa that he had informed the human resource and accounts office before leaving office. “The dasho then asked me to pick up his parcel from a bus.”

Ashok Biswakarma claimed that he then collected the parcel, dropped it off at the drungpa’s residence, and returned to office.

He said he met a gewog driver at the drungkhag office gate and they talked for a while when the drungkhag office’s peon came to call him on the drungpa’s order.  “When I went to the dasho’s chamber, he was furious and charged me. He pulled my ears and slapped me.”

Ashok Biswakarma said that he managed to flee the scene for safety. “From the next day he was normal in front of other officials but he would scare me when we were alone.”

Drungpa Tshewang Tobgay said that he pulled the driver’s ears because the driver comes to work under the influence of alcohol and is usually missing from duties. “That day also he was missing.”

He said that the incident was exaggerated on Facebook. “I will be honest. I just pulled his ears.”

The drungpa claimed that he pulled the ears because the driver was drunk and his eyes were red. “I cared about him and want him to improve.”

Tshewang Tobgay said that he has been advising the driver repeatedly against drinking. “He also sleeps while driving and I have warned him several times.”

Due to his driver’s alcohol problem, the drungpa claimed that he has been using a driver from the BHU.

Ashok Biswakarma, however, said that while he is an occasional drinker, he never drank on duty. “I never had any problem in my 13 years of service. It would be difficult to work if the drungpa tortures me always.”

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing