Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi

Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi

Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi, the new minister for information and communications, is ready to roll on whatever challenges there may be on the way.

Soon after assuming the office, the 47-year-old minister plans to sit through an orientation programme of a sort with the senior officials of the ministry to understand the current situations facing the ministry. “It’s too early to say anything. As of now, I just want to look at five years from now and give it my best.”

Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi said that after meeting with senior officials, he would work and do whatever was necessary concerning the ministry.

Compared with other ministries, he said that the communications ministry was relevant to his experiences. “IT is a crosscutting sector. Also, this is one of the areas where I have some experience. What we are looking at is good leadership.”

Having served as a National Council representative before, he said that although the members of both the houses had the opportunity to serve the people, the main difference was in their responsibilities. “As NC representatives, we had the responsibility to review laws and policies. NA, on the other hand, can make or alter policies for the benefit of the people and the country.”

He said that his family was delighted about him having followed the tradition of serving the country. “My grandfather and father served in the government in their time. They are proud that I am following their path.”

He said that the one thing that he was looking forward to was the Sungjoen application, which was one of the party’s pledges. “We are yet to communicate and discuss how to go about launching the App. We had preliminary discussion with the technical experts and they have assured that it’s possible and we are going to do it.”

About Maokhola Bridge, which was one of his pledges during the campaign, he said that considering the surface area and the geography of the town, it would connect the three gewogs with four other gewogs, which was important for people. “Roads are also necessary for connectivity and we are looking to build it.”

Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi said that whatever challenges show, he would work hard to overcome.

Rinchen Zangmo 


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