Lhakpa Quendren 

The infectious bursal disease (IBD) outbreak in Darla, Chukha, killed about 800 chicks in four commercial pullet-rearing farms between December 16 to 28.

Following the outbreak, the movement of poultry products from Chhumidlakha village under Darla gewog remains restricted until the disease subsides or is fully under control.

On December 25, the gewog office was informed about the outbreak while the first outbreak in the community occurred on December 16.

Chukha Dzongkhag Chief Livestock Officer Sherub Tenzin said that the outbreak was not reported on time. “It was late by the time they reported to us,” he said.

A disease has killed around 800 chicks in three farms in Darla gewog, Chukha. This is the second outbreak in as many years.

He said that the outbreak occurred because the chickens were not given full vaccination against IBD and also due to improper hygiene on the farms. “Last year too the outbreak occurred in the same community,” he said.

Sherub Tenzin said despite awareness programmes to prevent such diseases and keep their birds healthy, the outbreaks occur because of the carelessness of some poultry owners.

The control measures are put in place and farmers are advised to step up biosecurity measures to prevent further widespread.   

“We have cordoned the community it is under observation,” he said, adding that other nearby farms that are at risk of getting infected have also been closely monitored.

The dzongkhag livestock officials said the farm owners have to bear the loss and will not be compensated given that the outbreak mainly occurred due to their carelessness.

The IBD disease is an acute and highly contagious viral infection seen mainly in chickens of two to weeks of age.