Economic Affairs Minister Lekey Dorji on November 24 urged that concerned person should come forward and file complaint with office concerned if he or she can prove cases of adulteration at the fuel station.

Adulteration, the minister said, was a serious and punishable offence.

The minister was responding to the Wamrong MP Karma Tenzin, who raised the issue of fuel adulteration.

Karma Tenzin said there were many incidences and reports about fuel stations mixing kerosene with other fuels at the stations, which led to vehicle damage. “The ministry should conduct a surprise checking to counter such practices. What is the ministry doing to curb such mal practices and what are the penalties?”

The minister said trade department had carried out fuel testing in 89 fuel stations across the country in 2017 and found no case of adulteration.

“Government alone cannot deal with such practices. So, customers should the keep the receipt after fueling and complain with evidence,” lyonpo said. “Then the ministry can take action and we can work together.”

Lyonpo said there was six regional trade offices that made sure such practices were monitored and conducted regular investigations.

“The members of the house should also inform people or create awareness on such practices,” lyonpo said. “Complaints should first come from customers,  if the government were to solve such practices,

Lyonpo said there are 54 fuel stations in the country currently and that the government would establish 65 more stations by December this year.

“We have already planned and equipment have also reached. We will provide fuel stations and LPG service in all gewogs with road connection,” Lyonpo said.

Yangchen C Rinzin