ILCS holds a Read Fest to encourage reading

Reading: Monday had perhaps never been this exciting for the students and teachers of Institute of Language and Culture Studies (ILCS), Taktse, Tongsa.

Characters from books they read came alive yesterday and filled the campus as final year students of BA in Language and Literature (BLL) organised a day long Read Fest to celebrate books and reading. The two English lecturers, Choney Dorji and Clare Myers coordinated the event that was held to mark the reading year and to encourage the habit of reading at ILCS.

Students greeted surprised staff and classmates with an enthusiastic rendition of the reading theme song. All BLL final year students were divided into small groups, dressed as characters from books they’ve read and accompanied by ‘Atsaras.”

Lets read: Students mark the reading year at ILCS

Lets read: Students mark the reading year at ILCS

The groups selected a book they had read and were encouraged to present it to other students and lecturers in creative ways. Some presented through pictures and posters and others through dramatic readings, video clips and staged interviews with fictional characters from the book.

Roving characters checked other students to see if they were carrying a book. Those who did were rewarded with a small amount and encouraged to continue reading while those who didn’t were asked to grab a book from the library. Students and teachers appreciated the initiative and committed to read more.

Contributed by Yonten Norbu

BLL D 3rd year, 


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