Being one of the developed dzongkhags, the people of Paro are hopeful to have a party that prioritises equality and impartiality, to form the next government. 

One of the residents attending the public debate, Sonam Tshering said that all four parties are equally strong and capable. “Even all of the candidates are good. However, what we want in a candidate is someone who can serve the government well and also help solve issues of the people.” 

The 70-year-old said that the former two governments have served the people and developed the country in their own ways. “We are not complaining about it. We acknowledge and appreciate their service.”

He said that all four parties’ manifestos include equality and is progress-oriented. 

“From the outside, Paro is seen as developed in terms of water and road facilities. However, from the inside, people still face some water issues in some areas.”

Sonam Tshering said that farm roads had reached everywhere but the roads need to be blacktopped too as commuters face difficulty. “Even if the roads cannot get blacktopped, roads need to be made pliable and stronger.”

With most people owning their cars, he said that the government, instead of providing vehicles should spend its resources on making farming more productive and lucrative. 

Another resident, who didn’t want to be named, said that there was no issue related to drinking water as they acquired it from the neighbouring gewogs. “When it comes to candidate, we want to see someone who is impartial. For instance, when one seeks medical service or assistance from a public office, the general public without relatives seem to suffer.”

While helping their relatives and acquaintances, common people are left out and made to wait long hours to avail a service, she said. “For public servants, they would get their salary monthly even if they don’t work.  However, it’s not the same for us. Time is precious for us as we are on our own.” 

Records with Paro’s election office show that there are  about 18,684 eligible voters in the dzongkhag today. 

Rinchen Zangmo | Paro