Improving water supply is the newly elected Thimphu Thrompon Ugyen Dorji’s priority.

Sewer issues, traffic congestion, and human resources capacity development are also among his priority list.

Ugyen Dorji was an urban planner with the thromde before he decided to stand for the post of Thimphu Thrompon.

“Starting a new project with cost escalation in construction materials and labour shortages would be a challenge,” Ugyen Dorji said.

He said that the focus would be on one or two projects that would benefit the communities.

Water shortage is a growing problem in Thimphu.

Dechen Om, a resident of Changgangkha, said that people did not get drinking water supply for three days. “I have school-going children. It is tough for me to manage household chores without water.”

A resident of Changjiji said that whenever there is no water supply Thromde said that the main pipeline had a problem. “If that is the case, it would be better to inform the residents to make necessary arrangements.”

During the election, Ugyen Dorji pledged to improve the water supply system and digitalise the water service network, also to ease the traffic congestion, improve Thromde’s services, and build a resilient city with parks and recreational spaces.

Ugyen Dorji said that thromde would study to see why some places do not have sufficient drinking water supply.

Improving the road conditions is another priority set by the Thimphu Thrompon.

Ugyen Dorji said that a road maintenance team would take immediate action to improve the road conditions in the city.

Introducing rapid city bus transit system and making comfortable and convenient bus sheds in strategic locations are some of Thromde’s plans to ease the traffic congestion.

Ugyen Dorji said: “If we don’t look into the traffic congestion issue holistically, in a few years from now, it is going to be a huge problem.”

By Chhimi Dema