Samten Wangchuk and Thinley Wangmo | Interns

The construction of a footpath that runs along the stream near the Bhutan Telecom office in Chubachhu up to Motithang has been left incomplete posing risks to people taking the path. 

Residents said that it is a popular footpath that people use as a shortcut to get to the town. “I see school-going children use the path too but we don’t know why its completion is delayed,” a resident said. 

A resident of Kawajangsa, Cheten Tshering said that all ages of people walk the path. “The concerned authorities should supervise the works to complete on time.” 

Despite the risks, residents still use the incomplete footpath

The old footpath has been removed and in its place, a raised concrete footpath is being constructed. However, for a few weeks, residents said that there has been no work progress. 

There are incomplete structures that remain like open drains without the slabs and in some areas the holes have been covered by thin plywood. There are areas where workers have laid iron rods to construct the slabs. 

Some people walking along the footpath said that if the structure is left unattended like this for long it would be a wastage of resources. “Soon the workers cannot do the concrete work as winter sets in,” a resident said. 

“They have made lifting the height and there is no proper space on the sides for people to walk,” another resident said. 

If possible for time being, residents said there needs to be a better alternative for people to use. “Apart from casual users, those people who do not own a vehicle mostly use it,” he said. 

Those who use the footpath said that it is important to cover the footpath with the proper slabs, fix the electric wires properly. 

A resident of Zilukha, Sangay Dorji said, “I have been using this footpath for quite some time and it poses risks to children because they can slip into the hole since there is no proper covering.”

A resident nearby said that she uses the footpath sometimes and has not found progress and is not aware of whose responsibility is to monitor the work.” 

“The footpath is risky but people keep on using it,” another resident said. 

Kawang Thromde Tshogpa, Ugyen Penjore said that he has not received any complaints about the footpath so far. He said that residents know that about the unavailability of raw materials which have led to the holes of the drains remaining uncovered. 

“The works are almost complete and there are not many problems,” he said. 

Thromde officials were not available for comment. 

Edited by Tshering Palden